Friday, January 17, 2014

TradeRush Claims To Support More Languages Than Any Other Broker

In a recent press release Traderush now claims that they support more languages than any other binary options broker in the industry. This applies to both platform languages and customer support services. But is this claim actually accurate? We were a little bit skeptical so we wanted to research this question for ourselves to see if this claim could stand up to the scrutiny. Here's where we report our findings.

There are currently well over 200 different brands of binary options broker out there operating in the market. Many of them are so-called "white-label" platforms which are really just rebranded versions of other popular broker platforms. But a great many are also stand-alone brokers. Far too many for us to individually research each and every one of them to see how many languages each supported. We did, however, personally research every single one of the top 20 brokers in the industry, accounting for over 85% of total market share. And for the remaining 15% of the market we put google to work looking for any signs that any of these smaller and lesser-known brokers supported any great number of languages. We saw no evidence of any such thing.

As for the top 20 brokers we personally visited each one and researched exactly how many languages each supported. In some cases even having to talk to someone at the company to confirm the number. All-in-all this took us about 3 days to complete and to hear back from those firms which we had to contact. And at the end of that time what was our final result? Did we confirm or deny the claims of Traderush? Well, we did indeed confirm that the claim of Traderush to support the most languages is 100% accurate. In fact, as far as we could find out the next closest broker in terms of platform languages supported was still 3 languages behind Traderush!

It would appear that not only are Traderush's claims accurate but the rest of the market still has a ways to go to even begin to catch up to them. But this kind of competition is good for us traders and we wish those other brokers the best of luck in trying!

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