Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Redwood Options And TradeRush Offering Pair Options Trading

Up until very recently if you were a fan of pair options trading like us then the one and only choice you had for trading them was the broker StockPair. Now luckily StockPair is an outstanding broker and one which we can wholeheartedly recommend - we've traded there for years ourselves - but it is also good to have some competition. Competition drives innovation and excellence in service which benefits the clients, us. We've written about StockPair several times here though and we aren't here to talk about them today. Today we are here to talk about a couple of new entrants to the pair options trading scene: TradeRush and Redwood Options.
redwood options review of new pair options trading platform

Both of these popular brokers are owned by the same parent company and it shows. It shows not only in the basic look and feel of the trading platforms, but more importantly in how successfully the brokers are run. This company has consistently led the industry in innovation, being the first to introduce 60-second options as well. A feature which has now been copied by nearly every popular broker out there.
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Pair options, while technically a variety of binary options contract, are traded somewhat differently and therefore require a different setup than the standard binary options trading platform. For this reason it is unlikely that any dedicated binary options broker will ever be able to directly compete with StockPair when it comes to pair options trading. Certainly not anytime soon. TradeRush and Redwood do, however, offer a reasonable selection of these pair options to trade on and it makes a nice compliment to their extensive binary options lineups. We are fans of these brokers and are glad to see this addition to their platforms. To read about the specifics head on over here for a detailed redwood options review by the folks over at BOTSchool, one of our favorite binary option information portals. So until next time people, trade smart and get lucky!

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