Friday, June 29, 2012

TradeRush Asset Selection Expanded

Review of TradeRush's New Features And Asset Selection

TradeRush has once again expanded its offerings to its traders by adding an outstanding 20+ asstets to their already impressive list. This is in addition to their recent launch of pair options trading on the platform and the new assets that came along with that.

With these new additions TradeRush now has a market-dominating 110 underlying assets on which you can base your trades. TradeRush is also the one and only place you can currently trade both binary options and pair options on the same platform.

TradeRush has pretty much lead the pack right out of the gate after its launch in mid-2011 and has done so right up to the present time. From their introduction of 60-second options to the most recent innovation of offering pair options TradeRush is usually first, and best. They remain our favorite of the top by a wide margin.