Tuesday, July 3, 2012

60 Second Binary Options: Bringing In The Future In A Minute

TradeRush 60 Second Binary Options Trading

TradeRush 60-Second Binary Options
Investing in the stock market has always been a kin to gambling with the exception that researching can increase a person’s odds of a positive outcome. However, the problem has been that with the undefined potential gain, there was also an undefined potential loss. 60 second binary options are a relatively new trend introduced by binary options broker TradeRush that has eliminated this degree of uncertainty.

First, binary trades work on a simplistic concept. The investor sets the amount that he or she is willing to risk. Then he or she states whether the stock price will be above or below a specified valued at the lapse of minute’s time. If the investor has predicted correctly, then he or she is paid the profit amount agreed upon at the purchase of the trade. One should note that the profit amount does not increase or decrease in correlation to how large the gap between the specified value and actual market value in the favorable direction became. Furthermore, the profit is a fixed return on the initial investment to which the investor agreed in order to be able to definitively know what the potential loss of the investment will be at the time of purchase.

60 second binary options

The strong appeal of 60 second binary options trading at TradeRush is the all or nothing payout after a very short increment of time. In addition, this type of trading does not require that the investor formulate any sort of exit strategy in the event that a profitable stock investment beings to go south.

While the utilization of binary trades is not a new occurrence in the general market, 60 second binary options trades were thought to be virtually impossible. Reasoning for this was that none thought the speed needed to pass information between all necessary parties could be attained. However, the advent of platforms for web-based trading allow for real-time data streaming affording the speed necessary to perform the 60 second binary options in the complex transaction and derivative markets. Therefore, fast moving markets have greatly benefited from these short expiries binary trades because they boost the influx and out-flux of traders. With this constant flux, the prices are constantly changing drawing more attention from short term traders that are looking for this type of finite risk investment.

The return on a http://binaryoptionstradingschool.net/60-second-binary-options/ at TradeRush can be as high as 81 percent. With the profit being that great, it is easier to see why investors would be attracted, but also why there needs to be measures to ensure that this new trend in trading does not prey on individuals that have issues with gambling. Most sites that offer 60 second trades will limit the amount per trade and that is probably a good thing. However, TradeRush offers limits up to $500 per option for its 60 second binary options.