Sunday, March 18, 2012

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More twitch-than-witch greets bulls and bears as a less-than-mad March contract comes off the board.

A profitable "to close" sale is always nice, but there may be better options to consider first.

Although Elliott Wave Analysis can be complex, those who are newer to the topic may want to simplify their assessment by considering basic EW rules & guidelines.

One $600 Apple product and a "1400 doji app" is keeping the bull somewhat under wraps Thursday.

Money continues to grow on trees for a confident, apple-noshing bull, but gravity looks due for an appearance.

Strong gains square off with overly-complacent behavior in not-so-stressful testing Wednesday.

Confident behavior turns decidedly convinced of itself as bulls go shopping in front of this afternoon's FOMC meeting.

Instead of reaching for the clouds with Vmware's breakout, grounded investors might want to look at the outfit's bull vertical markets for stronger positioning.

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