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TradeRush Review - New Features For 2012

TradeRush Review Of All New Features For 2012 - 06/12/2012
Traderush is one of the newer major binary options brokers to enter the market with its launch coming in mid-2011. And it was off to the races from there. TradeRush quickly became, first a market leader in the industry, and then the market leader in the binary options trading industry. All in less than one year. They must be doing something right over there (This TradeRush review is a much more recently updated review than ours, which is really made necessary by all the changes that have taken place over there. We just don't have the time to do it ourselves). An already great binary options broker just got even better.

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TradeRush Review Basics

TradeRush Home:
TradeRush Minimum Deposit: $200 Or Equivalent
Minimum Trade Size: $25 Or $10 For 60-Second Contracts
Account Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
US Traders: Welcomed!
TradeRush Deposit Bonus: Yes - Up To 50% For Standard Accounts. Up To 100% For VIPs!

TradeRush Review - Newly Introduced Features (06/01/2012)

NEW - StockPairs now offered!!! Only Broker Offering BOTH Binary And Pair Options!
NEW - FaceBook stock now available for trading!
NEW - 6 month expiry times! - Expiry times at TradeRush now range from 60 seconds to 6 months!
NEW - $500 Max On 60-Second Options. Highest Of Any Binary Options Broker.
NEW - High-Yield Contracts For 60-Second Options And Option Builder Contracts.
NEW - Deposit Method - Liberty Reserve.

TradeRush Review Details

That's a lot of new features to be rolled out all at once! We're loving them though and we thought that a TradeRush review update was in order considering the substantial changes. Probably the biggest news here is the introduction of pair options trading to the TradeRush binary options platform. Until now if you wanted to trade dedicated pair options pretty much your only option was Stockpair. A good broker for sure and one we can easily recommend for pair options trading but nonetheless, variety is nice and we've been hoping more brokers would start offering pair options. It's no surprise to us that it was our favorite broker, TradeRush, who pulled the trigger first on this. We suspect that many more binary options brokers will follow the lead of TradeRush, as they usually do. TradeRush has done a good job of establishing itself as the leader in binary options trading with others doing the following. They were also the first to introduce 60-second options to the scene with other brokers playing catch-up and following suit.

TradeRush is offering a decent selection of pair options for the feature's launch and they plan to continue adding to the list as we move forward. This will certainly give TradeRush a distinct advantage over most of the competition. Below is the list of pair options introduced for the feature's launch and a company representative contacted for this TradeRush review assured us that more are on the way!

TradeRush Review

TradeRush Review - Pair Options Selection

TradeRush Pair Options
Stocks Commodities Indices

Not a bad list to start but I think we can expect this selection to grow rather rapidly as pair options are continuing to gain in popularity. TradeRush is all about giving the clients what they want and what they want is more variety and more trading options. Equaling more profit opportunities. TradeRush continues to deliver on this front and doing this TradeRush review convinced us that they will almost certainly continue to be the leader in binary options trading technology for some time to come.

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